The Faculty of Perioperative Care


The Faculty of Perioperative Care (FPC) is developing a portfolio of bespoke courses for perioperative practitioners - forthcoming courses are listed below.

These courses have been accredited by the The Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP).

Examinations run by the Faculty can be found here.

Perioperative Key Skills Course 

Edinburgh, 23 October 2019 – 6 CPD points

This one-day course aims to address the specific requirements of a non-medical perioperative practitioner who is undertaking advanced roles under the direction of the operating surgeon. The areas covered are reproducible and applicable to all surgical specialities. The course is suitable for all advanced Perioperative Practitioners, including Surgical First Assistants (SFA), Surgical Care Practitioners (SCP) who are either in training or newly qualified as well as Advanced Care Practitioners (ACP), Physicians Assistants (PA) working in surgery.

The Perioperative Practitioner: Reshaping the Surgical Team: Integration of the Non-Medical Practitioner into Surgery

Birmingham, 9 November 2019 – 6 CPD points

The conference will be an opportunity to update delegates on education activities and the development of speciality based curriculae as well as opportunities for career progression, and response to the Medical Associate Professionals (MAP) document. The importance of risk assessment of the patient as well as auditing the practice of the practitioner will also be delivered. This conference will provide an excellent opportunity for non medical practitioners and surgeons to network and build on the success of the previous annual meetings.

This meeting is open to all perioperative practitioners, as well as surgeons who work closely with advanced practitioners (e.g. surgical care practitioners, surgical first assistants, Physician Associates, ) and have an interest in the future of the surgical team.

The Faculty of Perioperative Care: Surgical Assistance Workshop: Tasks and Responsibilities

Edinburgh, 8 November 2019 – 3 CPD points

Aimed to give Surgical First Assistants and Special Care Practitioners (SFAs and SCPSs) ACPs and Pas an interactive pre-conference day for delegates. The morning will explore some of the challenges faced in practice by non-medical surgical assistants. Convened by Susan Hall the workshop will host surgeons, practitioners (SFAs and SCPs) also address the other group practitioners(ACPs, PAs), who may assist in theatre. Presentations will given from leaders in the field, Dr Claire Macaulay, Director of NIDUS Communications, will deliver a talk on "Whose responsibility is it anyway?" This forum will provide an excellent opportunity for delegates to share some of the difficulties they experience in practice.

The Perioperative Conference: Improving Patient Safety for the Surgical Team - Interactive Workshop

Edinburgh, 8 November 2019 – 3 CPD points

This afternoon interactive workshop is for all members of the surgical team, whether in the operating theatre, wards or outpatient departments. It will involve an update of current healthcare delivery in the UK and data around expected outcomes and adverse events. It will explore how and why good teams achieve better outcomes than poorer teams, using video scenarios, small groups discussions and interactive voting.