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The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in association with RCSEd's Faculty of Perioperative Care have developed a new webinar series for non-medical practitioners. CPD is important for all non-medical practitioners in the surgical team (e.g. SCP, ACP and SFA) to ensure their knowledge, technical and non-technical skills are kept up to date with current practice. RCSEd is the first College to develop a series of webinars specifically for this group which will complement the courses and the annual conference already run by the Faculty of Perioperative Care at the College.

Members can also find out about other webinars delivered by partners within the field on this page. 

Upcoming Webinars

Check back for the latest webinars from FPC.

Archived Webinars

Below is a list of the previous topics featured in our webinar series. The recordings are available to all FPC Faculty and RCSEd members to access with their login details. 

The Value of the eLogbook to the Extended Surgical Team

Surgical Care Practitioners in Trauma and Orthopaedics

Auditing my Surgical Practice as a practitioner

COVID-19: The Value of the Advanced Practitioner in the Surgical Team

The Faculty of Perioperative Care Annual Conference 2020

Assessment of Risk in the Surgical Patient – Informed Consent Post-Montgomery: What the Practitioner Should Know

Enhancing Nursing and AHPs: The Cardiothoracic Journey

Enhanced Recovery for Advanced Practitioners in Surgery

How Can Non-Medical Practitioners Get Started in Surgical Research?

Research Career Paths for Non-Medical Practitioners in Surgery

The Faculty of Perioperative Care 7th Annual Conference

The Role of Advanced Practitioners in the Breast Surgical Team

Patient Safety Webinars

The RCSEd Patient Safety Group (PSG) have made sure maximising patient safety and ensuring the highest possible standards of patient care have been at the heart of the College’s activity.

The PSG are excited to mark the first World Patient Safety Day by launching the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh new Patient Safety Webinar series. This series features contributions from renowned world experts in the patient safety arena drawn from a wide range of disciplines including surgery, anaesthetics, clinical psychology and law. Topics covered include WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, Medical Error, Systems approaches to improving patient safety, Morbidity and Mortality Meetings, Duty of Candour, Team Simulation and Informed Consent.  Past webinars are archived and RCSEd members have access to this series. 

The series includes:

Successes and failures implementing the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist

Designing Safety: Redefining Safety and Quality Reviews

Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons: Global approaches to improving patient safety

What about you: reflections on how you can make small changes that make a real difference to your day to day working

The problem with 'Medical Error'

Embedding the Professional Duty of Candour

Helping Surgeons when things go wrong

Psychological insights on intra-operative decision making

Informed Consent - why sharing the decision is safer for everyone