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Susan Hall Awarded First Fellowship with the Faculty of Perioperative Care

6 July 2018 10:06am

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On 6 July 2018, Susan Hall attended a College diploma ceremony and was awarded the first Fellowship with FPC in recognition of her contribution to perioperative practice. She is a Senior Lecturer in Surgical Care Practice at Anglia Ruskin University. On receiving the Fellowship, Susan said:

"The Fellowship is currently by nomination and I feel humbled by this honour. The experience of the award ceremony was profoundly moving. Few people are able to realise their life’s ambitions as fully as I have done. My involvement with the FPC has greatly contributed to this. The College is incredibly friendly. Everyone genuinely cares about getting things right. The FPC is an initiative that many of us within surgical care teams have been awaiting for many years since role relevant continuing professional development has, until now, been difficult to find. I am involved in the Faculty because the College acknowledged the need for the relationship with practitioners in assisting roles to be collaborative."

She was joined by Charlie Auld, Faculty Lead and Jenny Abraham from University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, an SCP who was awarded Membership at the same ceremony. All three will be speaking at the FPC conference on 3 November 2018.

Read an interview with Susan Hall on her experiences and the influence of the Faculty in the September 2018 edition of Surgeons’ News.

(L-R) Susan Hall, Charlie Auld and Jenny Abraham