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Development of New Robotic Surgical Services

5 May 2022 2:21pm

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The Robotic Surgery Taskforce at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has established a robotic expert advisory group to consider issues around the implementation of robotic-assisted surgery in the UK.

FPC Lead, Mr Charlie Auld who is a member of the guidance writing group speaks on the significance of this report to advanced practitioners in surgery.

This is a guidance document which is timely and addresses the requirements of setting up a new robotic service irrespective of the surgical specialty. One of the aims was to encompass the training of the whole multidisciplinary surgical team and although Surgical Care Practitioners (SCPs) are not expected to be at the console they do have an important part to play as a bedside assistant. This will involve training and familiarisation of advanced technological skills eg use of laparoscopic stapling devices, robotic positioning in relation to the patient and other first assistant skills which have been highlighted.
It should be noted that these laparoscopic skills which are required are not within the remit of the Surgical First Assistant (SFA) as documented in the SFA position statement by the PCC in 2018.

Mr Charlie Auld, FPC Lead

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