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The Faculty of Perioperative Care (FPC) is pleased to present a new series of podcasts to add to their library of resources. 

The series explores various topics pertaining to perioperative care practitioners including, the benefits and challenges of the role of Surgical First Assistants (SFAs) and the development of Surgical Care Practitioners (SCPs) roles and more.


  • Episode One: Charlie Auld

In this pilot episode, host Greg Ekatah speaks with former FPC Chair, Charlie Auld about the establishment of the Faculty and the benefit of membership for practitioners.


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  • Episode Two: Mark Robertshaw

In this episode, Mark Robertshaw speaks about his experience as a Surgical First Assistant (SFA). 

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  • Episode Three: Sally Stuart and Students

Greg speaks with Sally Stuart, a trainer for the MSc in Surgical Care Practice, and two of her students. They offer their own unique insight into all elements of SCP through training and into practice.

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  • Episode Four: Jenny Abraham

Greg is joined by Jenny Abraham, an experienced Surgical Care Practitioner (SCP) and Nurse Consultant. 

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  • Episode Five: Bhuvaneswari Krishnamoorthy

In the final episode of the FPC series, Greg speaks with Bhuvaneswari Krishnamoorthy as she shares her experience as an SCP in cardiothoracic surgery.

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